Brahmin Parichay

The Object and motive behind launching this site is to provide a forum to all Brahmins, Take their suggestions, Take note of their grievance so far as possible and help them with the Net work of Brahmins at right place, Promote the Brahmin hood among all especially the Urban net savvy youngster.

To strengthen the age old Bond among us and help each in all aspect of life , teaching the brahminical values, and cultivate the basic thought among each us our duty towards Brahmin hood, To make us the pride that we are Brahmins.

Our Moto is “ Help Brahmins without expecting any thing in return , Ask for help from fellow Brahmin as a matter of right “

The young Brahmin boys and girls must not lose their Brahmin identity in fast Urban, materialistic life style. They must preserve our culture, heritage, values(sanskaar), dignity and take all steps in achieving the same top slot in every arena of life, which was not only our right but is our identity. Now this the time, if we don’t wake up now, It will be very late. we must have single thing in our mind 24 x7 as to how to help so far as possible Brahmin .Hence register your self and join hands, come forward and tell yourself as to how you can strengthen the Samaj. It is the duty of every Brahmin to preserve our ancient civilization, Protect Vedic and Upanishads, Spread the wisdom, simple living with high moral standards ,Quest of knowledge and imparting the knowledge . This is attributes of a true Brahmin and core of Brhamanism.

This web site has been promoted with sole object to strengthen The Brahmin Samaj. The Urban Brahmins who are drifting away from Brahminical values are apprised about the “Brahminhood”, and further inculcate the spirit of the cooperation and coordination among Brahmins. It is web based conglomerate of various Brahmin Societies, Association, Trusts and organizations. This Web site attempts to boost the self esteem of each and every Brahmin , apprising them about the achievements made either by the individuals or by any Brahmin Organizations. The attempt is being made to highlight the progress of the Samaj.